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Gluten Free - Pasture Raised - Harvested in the USA

Bison Bar Aronia Berry
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$ 39

NOW ON SALE- Bison Bar - Box

Aronia berries paired with our all-natural bison meat create the most surprisingly delicious bite that will leave you wanting more!

Bison Original Stick
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$ 49

NOW ON SALE- Bison Sticks - Box

Chewy, tender and full of the true BARE flavor of Bison. These high protein snacks are not only taste amazing but they are the good fuel your body needs.


Imagine a meat that tasted incredible and was actually good for you. With 87% less fat than beef, 26% more iron than beef and 32% less fat than chicken, Bison is the Better Protein. We believe in meat that not only gives you energy and keeps you healthy but makes your mouth water.

Bare \ ‘ber \ adjective; without addition, basic and simple.