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BARE from Start to Finish

Bison meat is all about efficiency. If getting more protein and nutrients with fewer calories and less fat isn’t your thing, maybe bison isn’t for you. But for the rest of us who like eating heartily without feeling like a lead balloon afterwards, it’s hard to find a more flavorful, tender and efficient meat than Bare Bison.


Bison contains high levels of selenium, a natural trace element that acts as a mood elevator. Bison makes you happy.

Bare Bison are grass-fed, raising the level of nutrients in our bison products.

Compared to beef and chicken, bison has less fat, fewer calories, less cholesterol and more protein and iron.

Selenium-rich bison fights inflammation, preventing oxidative stress that speeds up the aging process.

Bare Bison contains no growth hormones (bison are big enough as they are!) which means everything you eat is natural to the animal

Know Your Bison

Bare Bison contains the plentiful nutrients of the prairie, like 26% more iron than beef and energizing B Vitamins like vitamin B2 and niacin, which support physical and mental health. Bison has 766% more Vitamin B-12 than chicken. Yes, you read that right.

Bare Bison provide as many Omega-3s per serving as salmon, three to six times the amount of Omega-3s as grain-fed animals.

Bare Bison are leaner than chicken and contain the highest-known levels of CLA, a fat-blocking, cancer-preventing acid